Agents come to me on a regular basis searching for answers on how they can stop working 24/7. This can be traced to the fact that they haven’t set proper boundaries with their clients, which is a must in your work life. 

Enforcing boundaries allows for a healthy work-life balance and bolsters your ability to serve your clients and generate leads in a maximally effective way. 

When we work with a client, we want them to know that our relationship is founded on care, trust, and our commitment to helping them.  

How can we accomplish that while still setting up and maintaining boundaries? 

“If you don’t respect the boundaries you’ve set, no one else will either.”

During a buyer consultation, for example, you’ll want to ask a series of questions to determine what your client’s preferred method of communication is. In this order, here are the questions to ask: 

  • What method is the best way to get ahold of you—by call, text, or email? 
  • What time do you arrive at work each day? 
  • When is your workday officially over? 

By then sharing your hours of operation, you’re, in effect, setting the boundaries for the relationship with regard to communication and time. 

Keeping those newly set boundaries in mind, let’s say your client is out hunting for homes, and they find a house they want to see. They’re so excited that they send you a text at 9:30 p.m. the next night. You’re unsure of what to do. 

The truth of the matter is if you don’t respect the boundaries you’ve set, no one else will either. In this instance, I encourage you to wait until the next morning before returning a text. This way, you’ll stem that feeling of exhaustion, and you’ll run your business—rather than having your business run you. 

I hope you found some value in today’s video. For further questions, please reach out to me by phone at 980-477-1838 or by email at [email protected].