I’d like to offer some tips for you today to help you sell your home for the highest price and in the least amount of time. 

1. Raise your curb appeal. Start by purchasing a new welcome mat for your front porch. Then, plant brightly colored flowers along your walkway and nestled around your front door. Speaking of your front door, if it could use a fresh coat of paint, now’s the time to make it look as good as new. Make sure your house’s number signs are visible and that you pressure wash your home’s exterior. You only get one shot to make a strong first impression. 

2. Create a nice ambiance. Try appealing to each of the buyer’s five senses. As far as smell is concerned, buy some air freshening plugs and put them in strategic spots around your home, but stay away from fruity or flowery scents. As an alternative, shoot for fragrances that are indicative of a clean home such as cotton or fresh laundry.

“Try appealing to each of the buyer’s five senses.”

Give buyers a warm welcome as they walk through your home by playing soothing music, setting out a dish of chocolates, and/or baking homemade cookies—which will appeal to their sense of taste.

3. Make good use of your floor space. Be careful not to leave miscellaneous items lying around everywhere. As a bonus tip, be sure that your closets’ shelves and floor are clean and free of clutter when buyers open them to take a peek.      

4. Embrace your architectural design. If there’s an odd space in your home, like an alcove under your staircase, showcase it as a reading nook. Make every nook and cranny in your home appear as though it has a purpose.

If you have any further questions about what you can do to get your home ready for the market, please reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you!